1.YARSAGUMBA  Yarsagumba is rare mummified caterpillar harvested by Tibetans and sold to wealthy Chinese to enhance sexual performance.
2. Kamloops from the North Thompson Kamloops appears to be on a lake when approaching from the North Thompson River. The confluence of the North and South Thompsons occupy a wide area.
3. El Espiritu del Pescador There is a stone statue, “Spirit of the Fisherman,” in the centre of the little Mexican town of La Peñita. I imagine it alive.
4. Mount Paul Mount Paul is an icon in the imagery of Kamloops. Seen here from the North shore near Shubert Drive.
5. The Village Store Replica of painting by A.J. Casson, one of Canada’s Group of Seven artists originally done in 1937.
6. From Taya's window I used a photo that my friend Taya took from her window in Calgary after a November snowfall, 2011.
7. Paradise lost The angel Michael throws Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. From an etching in John Milton’s book with the epic poem.
8. Wildfire The wildfires of 2003 swept through Kamloops, chasing us from our Westsyde home in the middle of the night.
9. On the Phone From a photo taken by my son of me at my desk at Thompson Rivers University in 1998 before I retired.
10. Catherine Galliford She was first of a series of RCMP officers to come forward with allegations of sexual harassment on the job.