11. Kamloops at Dawn  Lights turn the streets of downtown Kamloops golden just before dawn.
12. Croton Our house plant is common outdoors in many tropical places we have visited.
13. James in Portland My son visits Portland, Oregon.
14. Coffee Time 
Me and Hugh at Cowboy Coffee, now Motivo Coffee.
15. Flea Flea in the hair of a dog.
16. Placenta 
Fetus side of placenta where umbilical cord is attached.
17. Hot Nite Show n' shine auto from Kamloops' "Hot nite in the city"
18 Vote Women in Kabul, Afghanistan, line up to vote.
19. Kamloops Lake The hills above Kamloops Lake as seen from Tobiano.
20. Laurel and Hardy One of the greatest comedy duos.