What's it all about?
This newsletter is all about our neighbourhood: the frontage of Westsyde Road, Rue Chez Nous and Kambia Crescent.  I hope that the newsletter will help us get to know each other better and share in the life of our little community.

When we know each other, our neighbourhood is more welcoming, friendly and safer.

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Map of our neighbourhood with 360 degree views of houses on our streets.

Photos Above: View up Rue Chez Nous from my house.
Across: Rock in front of Stan's house.

Your Story Here

I am looking for your story about our neighbourhood.  Send me an email and suggest an idea.  Let me know about events in your life that you would like to share.  It doesn't have to be earth-shattering news. 

Do you know something about the history of our neighbourhood?  Have there been new arrivals?  Nothing is too trivial for our newsletter.  Is there something you would like to share?

You can phone, email or write articles no longer than 300 words and include pictures. Notices are fine but no articles for sale, please.