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15 Second Videos
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Celebrating 40 years of visual entertainment

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Snow Woman

Maia at Cowboy Coffee




Dancing in the sun

Shoe on the carpet shuffle

Stick Man

People are in trouble




Family reunion in Revelstoke

Our Grand European Trip

Houseboat on the Shuswap

Memories of Manzanillo, Mexico



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Tupperware Blitzkrieg

Apples and Oranges

Sonic Invasion





Kamloops in the park

David Bikes to Space

David goes around the world (with hamsters)

James and Alyssa get married

James' Dream


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Highway 61



Family reunion at Timbers Resort, 2010

Canada Day Reunion at Chateau Charbonneau, 2012

Our trip to the Southern States and Mexico, 1976/77

Huxley and Matteo

Down to the River

Pike Place Fish Market in downtown Seattle

Swinging on Gabriola Island